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Spring 2022


Eduoard Manet, The Railway, 1873

Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington 

Manet's Paris  
And The Development of Impressionism

April 6 - May 11 2022

1-3 pm

Bower's Museum, Kershaw Auditorium

Lecturer: Annalee Andres

Cost: $185

Let’s lose ourselves in Manet’s Paris this Spring.  Paris, newly updated and “Haussmannized” by the late 1860's, will spark an artistic response in Édouard Manet that will catalyze Modernism in art.  In this course, we will consider Impressionism and the work of painter Édouard Manet and the group of young artists that surrounded him; a group that included Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Frédéric Bazille,  Berthe Morisot,  Edgar Degas, and Mary Cassatt. From cafes, to masked balls, to café concerts, we consider the urban spectacle of Paris through the lens of Manet and the Impressionists. .  

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